First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Our Programs:  
Private Music Lessons           
     The Music Academy @ First offers free private lessons to students whose families cannot afford to pay for music lessons. Students must qualify for the free or reduced lunch program by USDA standards to be eligible to apply to take lessons. Private Music Lessons are 30 minute lessons once a week with a qualified private teacher at the First United Methodist Church building (1915 Nebraska Street, Sioux City). We will be begin reviewing applications in late August.
Lessons we may offer:
     * Piano
     * Strings:  Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass
     * Woodwinds
     * Brass
     * Percussion
Lessons depend on number of students and availability of teachers.
Beginning Piano Lessons 
     The Music Academy @ First offers 3 sessions during the year (fall, winter, and spring) of beginning piano lessons to 4th and 5th grade students at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School on Mondays at 2:30 when students get out early for teacher development. Students are met at the school and walked over to the Music Academy @ First for their lessons from 2:45-3:30. Lessons are taught by volunteer teacher. Each session can have up to 12 students and lasts for 7 weeks.
Handchime Groups                  
     We started a Handchime Program with Hunt A+ Arts Elementary students where we teach a 4th grade group one day and a 5th grade group another day during the school day. We had a 2 sessions for both 4th and 5th grade groups. They were able to perform at the Holidazzle Concert in December and at an assembly in May. The Handchimes Program offers students the opportunity to experience a musical experience that they would not normally have and to expand their musical learning.