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Thursday, September 19, 2019

* Sermon Podcasts & Mystery Bag

Did you miss the message from this past Sunday? 
Maybe you want to hear the sermon again.
We are placing the audio part of the sermons on-line for you to listen to from your computer or download it to your i-pod or mp3 player.  Let us know if this is beneficial or if there are any flaws you find.  We usually have the past Sunday's sermon on-line by Sunday evening.
To listen to a sermon, if you have a Windows or Apple computer, click on the "Windows recording" and it should start quickly.  If you have an i-Pad or Android tablet or smartphone, click on "Podcast recording" (It may take a minute or so to download and begin).
09/15/19 - "A Search and Rescue Mission" (Based on Luke 15:1-7)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

 The Mystery Bag - September 15, 2019
09/08/19 - "Do You Have 'Beautiful' Feet?" (Based on Romans 10:14-15)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

 The Mystery Bag - September 8, 2019
09/01/19 - "O Lord, It's Hard to Be Humble" (Based on Luke 14: 1, 7-11)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag, September 1, 2019
08/25/10 - "How is My Spiritual Eyesight?" (Based on Luke 11:33-36)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - August 25, 2019
08/18/19 - "Communion: It's a Family Meal" (Based on 1 Corinthians 10:15-17)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - August 18, 2019
08/11/19 - "All the Stars in the Sky" (Based on Genesis 15:1-6 & Hebrews 11:8-12)
Allison Padley-Shapira, preaching
08/04/19 - "Greed - Be on Guard!" (Based on Luke 12:31-21)
Neil Peck, preaching
07/28/19 - We had our Vacation Bible School Finale in church this morning so there is no audio sermon or Mystery Bag video.  Why not listen to and/or watch a previous one on this page?
07/21/19 - "God's Door is Always Open" (Based on Luke 11:5-10)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - July 21, 2019
07/14/19 - "What Are You Doing?" (Based on Galatians 6:7-10)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - July 14, 2019
07/07/19 - "Famous Pairs" (Based on Luke 10:1-11)
Neil Peck, preaching
The Mystery Bag - July 7, 2019 
06/30/19 - "One Nation Under God" (Based on Hebrews 13:1-2)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - June 30, 2019
06/23/19 - "Who Do I Imitate?  Who Imitates Me?" (Based on Philippians 3:17-21)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - June 23, 2019
06/16/19 - "Pork Chops or People?" (Based on Luke 8:26-39)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - June 16, 2019
06/09/19 -" A Spirit Powered People" (Based on Acts 2:1-13)
Neil Peck, preaching

The Mystery Bag - June 9, 2019
06/02/19 - "Signs and Wonders" (Based on Acts 5:12-16)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

The Mystery Bag - June 2, 2019
05/26/19 - "Running in the Human Race" (Based on Hebrews 12:1-3)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
  The Mystery Bag - May 26, 2019
Remembering those who have "Passed On" since last Memorial Sunday
05/19/19 - "How Will God Speak to Me Today?" (Based on 1 Kings19:11-13a & Acts 2:1-3)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - May 19, 2019
05/12/19 - "What a Mother's Day" (Based on Luke 7:11-17)
Neil Peck, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - May 12, 2019
05/05/19 - Our Annual Handbell Choir Service was today so there is no sermon podcast.  We have included a Facebook Live video of the piece they played to dedicate the 4th and 5th Octave Handchimes that we dedicated this morning day to the Glory of God in memory or Veronica Walker, our former Handbell Choir Director who passed away on July 8, 2018.
 The Mystery Bag - May 5, 2019
04/28/19 - "Life's Not Fair" (Based on John 20:24-29)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - April 28, 2019
04/21/19 (Easter Sunday) - "A Personal Invitation" (Based on Mark 16:1-7)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

 The Mystery Bag - Easter Sunday (April 21, 2019)
04/14/19 (Palm Sunday) - "Ready, Set, Go!" (Based on Luke 19:28-40)
Neil Peck, preaching
 The Mystery Bag - April 14, 2019
04/07/19 - We had our Children/Youth Sunday service.  The youth group skit and the children's musical will probably be available on our Facebook page (First United Methodist Church - Sioux City) from a parent's posting.  Due to copywrite laws, we cannot put the programs on our website, so we do not have a podcast today.  You can watch the Mystery Bag each week on our Facebook page (We have included today's here for your viewing pleasure), or, how about listening to a previous podcast from this page?
 Mystery Bag for April 7, 2019
03/31/19 - "Stick and Stones May Break My Bones but Words?" (Based on Mark 15:16-20)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
 Mystery Bag for March 31, 2019
03/24/19 - "Be Ready and Be Fruitful" (Based on Luke 13:1-9)
Neil Peck, preaching
03/17/19 - "The 3 Leaf Life" (Based on Matthew 28:18-19)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

03/10/19 - "Do You Follow Your Agenda or God's Agenda?" (Based on Mark 15:1-5)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
03/03/19 - "Who Do You Listen To?" (Based on Mark 9:2-9)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
02/24/19 - "Whom Does God Love?" (Based on Luke 10:25-27 - The Great Commandment and Parable of the Good Samaritan)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
02/17/19 - "Using Religion to Escape Being Religious" (Based on Mark 7:1-8 - The Pharisees Question Jesus)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

02/10/19 - "Fish Stories?" (Based on Luke 5:1-11 - Jesus Calls the First Disciples)
Neil Peck, preaching
02/03/19 - "What Time is It?" (Based on Mark 1:14-15 -Jesus begins his public ministry)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
01/27/19 - "Turning Around EVIL to LIVE" (Based on Mark 1:12-13 - Jesus Being Tempted by Satan)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching

01/20/19 - "Claimed and Named By God" (Based on Luke 3:15-17 & 21-22 - The Baptism of Jesus)
Neil Peck, preaching
01/13/19 - "Coincidence? I Think Not!" (Based on Luke 2:25-33 - Simeon Meets the baby Jesus)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
01/06/19 - "What Can I Give Him?"  (Based on Matthew 2:2-11 - The Magi visit the child)
Rev. Roger Madden, preaching
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